Our Simple and ‘Easy to understand’ course.

Get the best insights on Fundamental Analysis and learn these analyses in the simplest way

Value Investment - Level 01 : Easy-Peasy


Let's strengthen your foundation


The core of the course


What suits you the best


There is something for everyone that the stock market offers


Which companies to buy


Choose the right companies


How to find the companies


Made simple and easy

Value Investment - Level 02 : Wealth Creation


We have the best way to learn the fundamentals


how to identify risky sectors and why to avoid them


So many softwares, which one to choose


Let's learn how to use the tools


Add value to your portfolio


Learn how to make the right decision


See the past trades and how to avoid the mistakes


Some facts that might help in making desicions
  1. Students who want to start investing early.
  2. Working Professionals who are keen on making money in a sensible way.
  3. Someone who believes in wealth creation.
  4. Anyone who wants to learn how to make money in swing trading with simple fundamentals.
  5. Someone who tried investing money in the market with other people’s recommendations and failed.
  6. A person who does not understand the technical jargon of the stock market.
  7. Someone who wants to invest money in a long-term fashion.
  8. Someone who believes that mutual funds are good but one can make more money in stock markets.

Course 01 - Value Investment

Level 01 Easy Peasy

Basics of stock market and we condition Minds. How to Develop a "Trading Brain"

Level 02 Wealth Creation

Gain knowledge to make successfull investments.

Course Fee Rs. 30,000/-

Current Discount 5,000/-

Weekend course

16 modules course

2-6 months active support

Lifetime passive support

Discount for Students in grp of 5

Effective price Rs. 25,000/- Only

Our Second Course Will Be Available For People Interested In Trading

Course 02 - Tandem Trading

Level 03 Trading Jargons

Coming Soon

Level 04 Technical Analysis

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Effective price Rs. TBA

Send us a form with or without a referral code but please call us if we do not get back to you in 2-3 days. 

No, This is not a pre-recorded course. We conduct it on Google meet. It is a one-one session where you can completely interact with the teacher. If all the students are from Mumbai, then the course is also conducted in our office.

No financial education or knowledge necessary, non of our students are from financial background.

Yes we do, we have students from Dubai and UK as well, till now.

Lot of women think that investing in stock market is not their cup of tea, but frankly anyone can easily invest in stock market. I personally feel that women are very talented and they can easily master this art.

Do not worry, We either discuss it at the end of the topic or end of the session. You can call me later to understand it as well.

It is the other way round, more patient you are more chances of making money.

It is usually first half on Saturday and first & second half on Sunday. But if students are willing to take the course on the weekdays, we can arrange the same.

Our courses are available on the last Saturday & Sunday Of every month

It is completely up to you, but few of my students have started investing 25 thousand and some of them have invested more than 6-8 lakhs as well.

Absolutely not, Warren Buffett started investing at the age of 11. One can start investing at the age of 16-18 as well.

Yes off course, that is one of the most important part ot the course.

Yes it is official and legal to invest in international markets. 

Timings vary according to the country the student belongs. Till date we have students from USA, UK, & Dubai.

No, fees remain the same but some extra transaction charges may be added.



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