Specially and thoughtfully curated courses to help budding aspirants build careers in the financial market!

Everyone wants to make money and if you’re someone with this thought process, you are in the right place. At Stocks VOX, we encourage people to make money by offering learning opportunities that rely on building a solid foundation of financial knowledge.

We are focussed to take out the complexities of financial markets and investment instruments by simplifying the process, imparting the right knowledge and developing practical skills to help you become a constant winner in the stock market.

“The stock market is a device of transferring money from impatient to the patient ones.”

– Warren Buffet

With a mission to provide extensive financial learning opportunity for people who are looking to excel in the field, Stocks VOX was incepted. We are here to make the stock market a familiar territory for those who are intimidated by it. Offering a curriculum that comprises of basic as well as advanced courses, we are on the quest to help people from all walks of life learn the nuances of value investment, informed trading and the art of investing across various financial portfolios.

To bust the age-old myth that trading requires a finance background, our founder decided to devise a program that will aspire budding traders, first-time investors, beginners and new learners. Despite having an innate passion for art and creativity, our founder (Ethan Vartak) decided to take the plunge and learn value investment by enrolling himself at Buffett Online School. After achieving holistic academic excellence, he decided to practice and teach the nitty-gritties of the stock market to those looking to generate secondary income and wealth creation opportunities. 

There are no shortcuts to investment success!

The market can seem (and be) overwhelming to any first-time investor. Stocks VOX is here to teach you how to invest, believe in yourself and be mindful of the companies you are investing in. To us, every financial product and service is different and thus we don’t encourage our students to follow a cookie-cutter approach while investing. We guide them to be patient and teach them the tricks of the trade to identify a company that offers good prospects for future growth.


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